Mairéad A. Phelan - H.C.D. Dip. - I.T.E.C. Dip.

The clinic will be closed from Saturday 25th February to Friday 3rd March.

As we welcome 2023 I am grateful for the year that has passed.  Thankful for the calm space from which I can bring healing to the lovely people who come in search of a positive change.  It has been an extraordinarily busy year for me treating people who have come to realise the importance of therapeutic touch now more than ever.
When I receive a client, I listen to their needs and to what is going on for them in their lives because I know that physical discomfort and pain can often be a result of stress and other circumstances.  The advice I offer is to listen to your body, follow your gut feelings and go out with a sense of wellbeing and freedom and most of all to be kind to yourself.

Gentle exercises are part of your in between visits.  A leaflet with these is provided.

Limiting the number of clients I treat allows me to give the very best I can to each person.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me to look after them.
May 2023 be a peaceful, healthy and enjoyable year for you all.


Resource Ireland, Burnaby Buildings, Church Road, Greystones. A63 Y5F9 

 Phone:  086 852 6613

24 hours cancellation notice required.  Full fee applies.


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Phone:  086 852 6613 
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A native of Kilkenny in the south east of Ireland, Mairéad comes from a family with strong connections to the earth.

Her parents grew almost everything the family ate giving her a wonderful understanding of the natural approach to life. 

Mairéad has been working in holistic health since 2001 and continues to add to her skills to provide better healing for her clients.

 Having spent many years as a florist, working very long hours in a physically demanding job made her want to find out more about maintaining a healthy body and to help prevent injury, repetitive strain and to manage stress.  

Stress can be a major cause of illness therefore it is important to receive regular treatments to not only relieve pain but to maintain good health and well being, both mentally and physically.

HOT STONE MASSAGE NOW AVAILABLE €75.00 for a one hour treatment

Greystones Tranquility: €75

Head to toe massage using a special blend of essential oils to calm your body and mind. 
This treatment is a combination of all the gentle treaments listed below (not cupping).
Head. Back. Neck. Shoulders. Arms. Hands. Legs. Feet. Abdomen and chest (if you would like).
This I recommend for anyone who has not had a treament in some time (and that includes most of us).
This will help to bring balance both psychologically and physically leaving you totally refreshed and relaxed.   60 minutes.

Reflexology: €65

A non intrusive treatment addressing all areas of the body through reflex points in the feet. This can be very helpful for skeletal, muscle and organ function.  It is very relaxing and can help to bring about balance and well being in the body.  60 minutes.

Fertility Reflexology:

Working with women and men who are trying to conceive and who may or may not be using IVF.
Specific reproductive reflex points are stimulated to bring about relaxation and increase the chances of conception.
Approved by some private health insurance companies, depending on your level of cover.  60 minutes.

Maternity Reflexology:

Helps with the physical, emotional and mental changes during pregnancy.
Recommended by some maternity hospitals.  Approved by some private health insurers. 
It is advisable to check your plan as your provider may cover half the cost of 8-10 sessions.  60 minutes.

Pregnancy Massage:  €75

A relaxing treatment for mum to be (and baby too). Very effective in relieving lower back and legs during this special time as you await your little ones arrival. 

Aromatherapy Massage:  €45/€75

This is a gentle and relaxing back/full body massage with the use of essential oils which are extracted from plants and flowers. 

The lymphatic and nervous system benefit greatly from this massage. Essential oils have both psychological and physical benefits. 

After a full consultation the oils are blended to suit the needs of each individual client.  30/60 minutes.

'M' Technique:  €75

This is a very gentle, relaxing massage for those who are fragile or critically ill.  It is also suitable if the client is contraindicated to other treatments.  It is ideal to receive at home, in a nursing home or hospital and can be just for the hands and feet if the client so wishes.  60 minutes.

Holistic Facial Rejuvenation:  €45

A special facial massage treating all the tiny muscles in the face.  As well as using Golden Johoba oil, this can include the use of essential oils to help give the face a lift and clear toxins from the skin thus giving a healthy, uplifted appearance to your skin.  30 minutes

Swedish Massage:  €45/ €75

A treatment to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, particularly the muscles, to improve circulation, ease muscle tension, improve flexibility and relaxation.  30/60 minutes.

Deep Tissue Cupping:   €75

The use of cups on the body create suction to help soften tight, overworked muscles, relieving pain and to tone attachments.

It lifts connective tissue to hydrate and increase blood flow, draining toxins and excess fluids by opening lymphatic pathways.

This therapy is quite strong and is not suitable for everyone.  This can be discussed during your consultation.   60 minutes.

Indian Head Massage:   €45

This is a very specific treatment for the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face.  It can be done through the clothing or with the use of oils on the skin. A scalp massage with oil is optional.  30 minutes.

Back Neck and Shoulders Chair Massage €45

An effective treatment given through the clothing or with the use of oils on the skin, in a specially designed massage chair.  This addresses all the main stress areas of the body from lower back to neck and shoulders including arms and hands.   Ideal for those who spend long hours sitting in the same position at work.   30 minutes.

Love Your Feet: €45
Thank your feet for all they do.  Lower leg and foot massage with luxurious lotion containing peppermint, tea tree and lemongrass.
This treatment cools and calms tired legs and feet.  Flushes out toxins  and reduces swelling. Ideal if you spend long periods of time on your feet, being it standing, running or walking.   30 minutes.

Some of the companies I work with:
VHI, Paypal. Google. Savills. First Data. JP Morgan. Penneys. New Ireland Assurance. Car Trawler.

Abbotts. Fit Bit. Dunnes Stores. Hollister. Allied Irish Banks. Fidelity. Aptiv. Adobe. City West Hotel.

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Clinic days are Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays only.  Please say your preferred day and whether morning or afternoon suits you best.  You must provide your name and your phone number with your enquiry.  Thank you.


Recent illness, accident, operations?

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Heart condition?

High/Low blood pressure?

Undiagnosed lumps/bumps?

Skin conditions?






Verruca/Athlete's foot/Foot fungal problems?

Anything not mentioned above?


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Phone:  086 8526613

"I love going to Mairéad for massage and reflexology. I feel I get a very personal treatment tailored to how my body is doing on the day. Her treatments are really thorough and I would highly recommend her."

Wendy Stephens

"I have received a range of massages and other therapies from Mairéad many times over the past few years and I recommend her highly. She brings technical excellence to her work together with a genuine concern for you as her client ensuring your safety, comfort and above all care for your welfare.
She delivers an intuitive, person-centered therapy experience which will leave you, not only relaxed, revived and rejuvenated going back out to your daily life but also you will feel healed, peaceful and all the better for taking time out, on a regular basis, from your stressful life.
All in all, Mairéad is a kind, thoughtful and professional therapist. Once you receive one of her therapies you won't want to go anywhere else!"

Carol Redmond

" I have through the years seen dozens of physiotherapists and masseurs and can honestly say you would be the best so far"

B. Mc Nulty

"I have been attending Mairéad for Swedish/Deep Tissue massage for the past 5 or 6 years I can't speak highly enough of Mairéad as she has a magic touch which not only sorts out my problematic lower back and my shoulder, but also adds to my general sense of calm and well being. Mairéad can get deeper into my painful muscles than any other therapist I've gone to and she manages to be both gentle and strong at the same time. Additionally Mairéad posseses some sort of telepathy and picks up on my mood very well. Sometimes we chat a little during the treatment and sometimes we don't. I appreciate her sensitivity in all areas of the treatment.
Highly recommended."

Jennifer O'Hara

"It was so handy being able to pop in for a short massage.  What a really comfortable chair too!  Amazed what a difference it made to my upper body.  Would definitely recommend this for anyone who is sitting at work for long hours.  It just hit all the right spots. Thanks a mil Mairéad".  

Shaun Delaney

"Prevention is better than cure"